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midwest whirlwind

as any badger does, i have extreme love for the terrace at memorial union. i have (hazy) memories of skipping class on sunny spring fridays to sip a cold spotted cow brew and staying to watch the sunset over the lake. and of course, i have a special place in my heart for the chairs. for 4 years, saagar has listened to me chatter about these chairs. i even hung a photo of them in our bathroom (ok, yeah, weird location but the ‘art’ that came with this apartment was a picture of a perfume bottle with the caption, ‘purrrr-fect.’ i think you’ll agree that i traded up.) but not until our trip to madison last weekend did saagar finally ‘get it.’ we made it in time for a brilliant sunset and he has definitely jumped on the terrace bandwagon.

a sunset that rivaled cayman

tastes like home

what’s up with that creepy panda, by the way.

the main event of the weekend, besides the world cup anyway, was the lovely nuptials of betsy and clayton. i was beyond honored to stand up in her wedding and had such a fun time celebrating their love. betsy and i have seen each other through ups and downs of our relationships and i am bursting with happiness over her beautiful love story.

the flowers arrived!

jane and betsy with the groom

foxes reunited

you always remember your first love

ok, you're nice too

…and then we went to chicago. but i don’t have any pictures of that.


They Do!

last night we were all working at the restaurant when the hostess runs down and said, ‘Dinora and Eugene are getting married tomorrow morning – we’re all invited!’

i thought it was a joke. i talked to Dinora yesterday…surely she would have mentioned she was getting married on wednesday. besides, she’s been with Eugene (who plays the harp at various restaurants on island, including ours) for 14 years, why all of a sudden is there a rush to make it official?

she called me after work last night and said, ‘guess what i’m doing tomorrow – i’m getting married!’ she told me she was invited to her wedding earlier that day so it’s only fitting that i not be invited until 11pm. oh, and the ceremony starts at 7am – see you in 8 hours!

turns out Eugene had been planning it for 3 weeks or so, but just looped in Dinora yesterday. he leaves today for a long trip around europe (not to be confused with a honeymoon, dinora is staying here). it was so refreshing to see a ceremony done this way – with a cooler full of orange juice, a tray of empanadas, a small bouquet of roses and a beach full of family and friends. everyone is entitled to their own vision of their dream wedding, but this version couldn’t have been more suited to this couple. i’m so happy for them both!!

the bride is her own something blue!

“i do, i do i do!”

missing the bouquet…i’m not good at sports

what wedding? looking for soldier crabs

signs of an active lifestyle

in my case, these signs are sunburn and a lung full of sea water.

yesterday the sailing club had an open house with free rentals and mini-lessons of sailing and windsurfing. janine, juergen and i got there just in time for the windsurfing lesson. some of us (ahem, not me) were more quick to pick it up than others. i stood up on the board and promptly (yet gracefully?) fell off 3 times. the third time i slipped under an incoming sailboat so i called it quits after that and resigned myself to videographer.

for videos of juergen and janine surfing like pros and videos of me falling like a champion, check out saagar’s Flickr page

juergen trying to catch some wind, dude

no fair, janine. you've done this before

happy sailors

america fix

i am annoyed with myself at how sparse my posts have been. how will i ever convince you that i live in a better place than you if i don’t accurately document it?

i just have a few things to share to catch you up. but of course, i have limited to no photos, so this might not be the most interesting post (note to self: you ALWAYS have a camera on you. take a photo or two, you lazy B!)

at the beginning of april, saagar and i trekked to boston to visit vivek and megha. it was my first trip back to the homeland since the move and i was seriously craving america. i was so high on thoughts of cooler weather, micro-brews, live music, culture and public transportation. seriously. little miss germo-phobe was antsy at the thought of riding the rail with hundreds of sneezy, grimy americans. also it was the first trip saagar and i have actually taken together, which is pretty weird and long overdue, if you ask me.

in a nutshell, boston is seriously great. i got some super tips on what to see (and what to skip! so important!) from some of my guests at the restaurant, from my trusty pal yelp (yes, everyone knows i don’t go anywhere without checking it first) and from miss lindsay (who is expecting their bambino to arrive any day now, sending you good thoughts, my dear!). we only had one full day in boston, but we were really pleased with how much we accomplished without feeling overwhelmed. culture was high on our list of things to do since we’re sort of starved of it here and boston didn’t disappoint. we watched the seals play at the new england aquarium – they have viewing tanks that are free to the public, walked a bit of the freedom trail, got some chowdah at faneuil hall, saw the Boston Symphony Orchestra from about 10 rows back (for $20!), checked out the ‘secrets of the tomb’ exhibit at the museum of fine arts…what else…got a tip about a bar that looks out over Fenway so we sipped beers while staring at home plate…ate ethiopian food (not my fave, turns out, but everyone else loved it)…went to the gap, because hey, it’s america…hung out and had some beers at a bar in harvard square to feel more smarter…and had dinner at this fantastic seafood place in the north end called the daily catch where we were so close to the chef that we had a conversation with him while he cooked our dinner. i did actually snag a picture of that – no pics of us, but took some of the food. typical.

looks like worms, tastes like heaven

we rented a car and drove up to connecticut for the weekend to see my family. we stayed with my aunt and uncle and met the newest little cousin, zach, who succeeded in reminding me that i am nowhere near ready to have a family. thanks zach! we went on an awesome hike with my cousin gerry who will hopefully be moving to cayman this winter. i’m so so trendy like that 😉

overall, it was just such an awesome mini getaway. i got my uncle sam fix, but was happy to step off the plane and back into the sunshine. it’s getting humid here, though, so i won’t be able to brag for too much longer.

i have more to write about soon! spoiler alert: diver certification class and a brand new job!!

finally, a huge congratulations to two of my very favorite couples – mike & meghan and jess & steve on their recent engagements. i love you all and am bursting with happiness for you. can’t wait to celebrate in person!

so dreamy

a few months ago, a family from wisconsin came into the restaurant and i had the pleasure of serving them. actually, i spotted a badger sweatshirt from across the restaurant and my heart swelled with wisco pride. a small tear made out of cheese rolled down my cheek. the sweatshirt just happened to be attached to a nice family who very appropriately ended up in my section. (on an unrelated note, who wears sweatshirts in cayman? especially if you’re from the midwest where we wear jorts and cut-off tanks in 35 degree weather. weirdos.)

last week the family came back. they waved hello and i…stared at them blankly. they were sans badger apparel and let’s face it, i meet a lot of people day to day. they got over their hurt feelings and pointed out who their server was this time. we chatted a little bit longer and i said goodbye with a wink, saying they’re in good hands because their server today is ‘super dreamy.’

well wouldn’t you know he was right behind me. i blushed, laughed and ducked back to the main server station.

a bit later the server comes over and asks, ‘Keem’ (aha! you recognize a new accent, don’t you! this one is clearly not austrian, but mexican. obviously.) ‘Keem, what does ‘dreamy’ mean? i know ‘dream’ but not ‘dreamy.’

i could have probably made something up…something that wasn’t totally embarrassing. but hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it? i tried to explain dreamy by sighing and fluttering my eyelashes like a, ‘he’s sooo cute’ sort of imitation. ok, and for the record – he IS dreamy. you would think so too. he’s classically tall, dark and handsome and teaches salsa lessons on tuesday nights at the restaurant (at 9:30! come see for yourself). he laughed and asked, ‘who said i was dreamy?’ umm….i did. what? no i didn’t. awwwwwkward.

last night he came in to teach the salsa class and came over to wear i was standing.

“So, Keem…do I look dreaming tonight?”

i love my life 🙂 on a side note, he’s been going through some girl drama lately and told me hearing my weird compliment made him feel good since he’s been so down. i’m glad my creepiness benefits others.

here fishy, fishy

saagar’s been doing some sport fishing with our pal ruardt. yesterday he caught his first tarpon! look at that grin (on the fish, i mean).

fish are friends, not food

english lesson #305

i need to start keeping track of the “english lessons” i “teach” at the restaurant. i will begin with #305 because i’m quite certain between all of the, ‘what is your word for…?’ and ‘can i say it like this’ questions, i’m sure there have been 304 answers up until now.

the other day i used the word ‘facetious’ at work – i should have known better. not that i have a large vocabulary by any means, but i dumb it down a little to avoid having to repeat myself or explain something a million times. but i used it in front of my namibian buddy and he has the most extensive english vocabulary out of anyone there, so i didn’t really think about it. a guy from slovenia (felice, i’m winking in your direction) overheard and asked a bunch of questions:

‘facetious – what that means?’
‘umm…like, i was being funny. kidding around, you know?’
‘spell it please’
(i write it down in my server book)
‘ohh, like scrumptious!’
‘well, i mean it’s spelled the same. but you understand they have totally different meanings, right?’
he pays no attention and delivers these little gems
‘scrumptch! i’m going to scrrrrumptch you tonight!’
i of course am laughing hysterically already...’you can’t say that, that’s not a thing.’
and with a wonderfully innocent look on his face ‘…to eat you nicely it means, right?’

no. no, it doesn’t. but please don’t let that stop you from using it that way. because that is amazing.