the Liberty of the Seas makes a delivery

the Liberty of the Seas dropped off an extra special package for me port side – my sister and brother-in-law, yip yip! they were on a cruise celebrating 5 years of love and spent one day in cayman. having just one day to show off this tiny rock i’ve been calling home is pretty daunting. i channeled my shawna-sized organizational skills and decided a jet ski safari would be the best – and most efficient! – use of the day.

when you visit, we WILL be doing this tour. it was super personalized, adventurous and fun. gordon is THE best tour guide on the island. he runs the tour with just one other guy and their enthusiasm alone made the tour for me. it was such a cool way to see tourist spots that i’ve been to a handful of times before…made brand new by arriving via jet ski. we went to sting ray city, rum point, starfish point and rode through a little canal to see the most gigantic iguanas i’ve seen here yet. gordon promised me a CD of all the photos he took, but we haven’t been able to meet up so far. here are a few photos i took of the day:

they only fell off once...ok twice

oh lookie what we found!

starfish point from the ski

good morning rum point!


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  Michelle wrote @

You have no idea how pathetically sad I was because I thought our visit wasn’t fun enough to make the blog! lol Great pics. Miss you and love you lots Kim 🙂

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