i just work here

at the restaurant we’re basically asked the same 3 questions from every table:

– where are you from? (i had one table that actually said, “Boo! you don’t have an accent!”)
– so what brought you down to the island (“sigh, a boy”)
– do you like living here?

more often than you would think (read: more often than i would like) people overstep the lines of common conversational etiquette and ask questions like:

– so are you happy with your decision to move here?
– what do your parents think about your move?
– do you have any other career aspirations or are you just going to be a waitress? (seriously.)
– my favorite: you moved here without a ring? (seriously!)

and then there’s the random ones like:

– can you tell me what star that is? (what? no. i’m a waitress not an astrologist)
– where does the food that’s in the grocery store come from? (i mean…probably miami, but the lady was really annoyed that i wasn’t completely sure. where does each item in your pick ‘n save come from, lady??)
– what kind of boat is that? (and let me point out that it was dark and all you could see were the lights. how could i possibly know)

i don’t know people, i just work here.
(but only until november 15th! – countdown to freedom!)


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