birthday batman

saagar doesn’t care about birthdays. he doesn’t even really know how old he is day to day. but i loooove celebrating birthdays and darn it if he wasn’t going to have a good one.

we had three performance metrics for the evening:
– number of batman bracelets (8. they didn’t really fit all the grown-up sized wrists though)
– number of birthday boys passed out on the living room floor (1. he “wasn’t ready” to go upstairs)
– number of flights changed to tomorrow (1. oops)

he’s turning 27 all day today. wish him a happy one.

batman - the manliest of birthday themes

the bracelets fit the pretty people

i think we were supposed to look...serious?

for someone who hates b'days, you look pretty happy

timestamp: 9:30 pm

happy birthday, love!

thanks to everyone who came out and to miss elly for the cupcakes!


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  MK wrote @

What is it about the Kadiyala boys and their distaste for birthdays? I LOVE birthdays and think they should be celebrated all week! Yah for making it happen on Saagar’s big day! See you soon 🙂

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